October 15th 2020   |   4 Minute Read 

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    3 Free Tactics to Make
    Your Business Discoverable

    April 8th 2020  |  4 Minute Read 

    If a tree fell in the forest, would it make a sound? – ever heard of this rhetorical question before? Your business is probably no different. If no one knows of your business, then do you even exist? Don’t be one of those businesses that’s hard to trace or find. It’s time that you invest some time in creating effective strategies for brand awareness. Because the reality is, the more discoverable your business is, the more clients you’ll get through the door. Clients and customers are the backbone of any successful business, so without further ado, here are 3 free tactics to make your business more discoverable and found…

    Google is Your Best Friend

    As much as potential customers rely very heavily on word of mouth from friends and family, the second most vital way to attract clients is by making your business more searchable-friendly online. Having a business listing on Google is the first step towards spreading the word out. People often pull up their phones and Google map the nearest restaurant, store, coffeeshop or even salon. So by listing your business on Google, you’re already ahead of the curve to getting your business found by potential customers.

    Google makes it very easy for you to communicate with people on your page. You can enable the chat feature or list your number and address on there to encourage more walk-ins.

    Another thing we highly encourage is pay very close attention to building a reviews section on your Google page. Why? Because businesses with the highest-performing business reviews on Google generally tend to rank higher in a Google search. So obviously the stronger and more frequently submitted your reviews are, the more likely your page is going to rank as number 1 in a Google search giving you that advantage.

    Hashtags Hashtags and More Hashtags

    Make sure to include hashtags, especially on a platform like Instagram. Hashtags will act like little keywords to make your content found by locals in your area. However, make sure to only use hashtags that are specific to what you offer paired with the city of where you operate. For example: #TorontoHairSalon or #TorontoHairStylist – that way you’ll start ranking for that hashtag luring in people within your area.

    Additionally, it’s generally recommended to use hashtags that yields 20,000 – 500,000 results only. Targeting overly popular hashtags like #HairStylist will get your page buried, because far too many accounts are competing for that space. So a hashtag like #HairStylist yields over 28 million results. Imagine having to compete with 28 million other accounts to “hopefully” get discovered. It won’t do much, whereas when you’re targeting a smaller pool, you’ll be able to rank higher and get your content found by the right audience.

    The limit for number of hashtags on Instagram is 30, however just because you have a limit doesn’t mean you HAVE to use it all. Recent studies have found that the prime number is between 6-10 because anything over may  look unnatural and can distract from the main message of your post. 

    Guest Blogging

    Guest blogging in external websites can do wonders for your business. Other than the fact that your business would officially be “published” it can attract the kind of customers you’re looking for and boosts your discoverability.

    Here’s what you can do:

    1. Go to Google.com
    2. Type in the search bar your speciality aligned with “write for us” in quotes. For example, for a spa, you would write: Spa “Write For Us”
    3. This will give you a list of online publications that are accepting guest blogging contributions. It’s imperative for you to check that whichever publication you approach has your same intended audience. You don’t want your efforts to go to waste by typing out a blog for a pool of audience that doesn’t fit your demographic anyway.

    Generally speaking, getting your business found all falls on you, not the customer. So by ensuring that you can easily get found will make it all the easier to attract clients and keep your business running at full speed. 

    Let the powerful Milano CRM solution do the job

    Customers are the lifelines of every business. Having said that, a powerful customer relationship management  (CRM) system is the key for businesses to determine future success.

    Milano CRM solution is designed to help your business create and manage a comprehensive customer database, track referrals to your business, access smart marketing tools to create effective marketing campaigns, send reminders to your customers for leaving reviews on Google My Business Listing and so much more.

    Not only is every essential CRM tool under one platform, (Say goodbye to your 6+ different CRM software solutions) we’re also able to customize our features to meet your specific business needs. Whether it’s an online booking system, automated reporting, client membership or referral tracking, you name it and Milano’s tech savvy team is ready to provide you with the best all-in-one CRM solution at your disposal.