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    7 Ways To Help Small Businesses
    During Covid 19 Lockdowns

    April 8th 2020  |  4 Minute Read 

    The Covid-19 pandemic has truly shaken up the world economy, and have forced many businesses to close down as a result. For those that survived, many are struggling to make ends meet everyday due to mandatory social distancing practises and closures. Let’s do our part and help in any way we can. We’ve come up with a few ways that take minimal effort but can help your local small business immensely.

    Buy Local

    Shopping local is one of these easiest things you can do to support local businesses. Purchase their products rather than going wholesale. If the difference is marginal, why not support your favourite local business rather than a corporate conglomerate!? Try to purchase from small stores or businesses during this time whenever possible.


    Buy Gift Cards

    Pay ahead if you can, like buying gift-cards to provide businesses with extra revenue when they need it the most. When the business is open and operations are steady again, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite goods and services you’ve already paid for. You can even spread the word about a particular business by gifting friends with their gift cards, so that they can try it out for themselves.


    Leave a positive review 

    Have you been meaning to write a review for your favourite business, but never got around to it? It’s never too late. Leave a glowing review on Google or Yelp to make a business owner’s day AND help improve their online ranking. Best part? It’s free to do so and would only take 5 minutes out of your day. 

    Show some love on social media

    One of the best things you can do for a small business is support them on social media. For example, leaving a comment, liking a post, or even resharing their photos will make a big impact. By sharing their content with your followers, you are providing free brand exposure and they may potentially acquire a customer through your network. 


    Offer your skills

    If you are an accountant, a website designer, a consultant, a lawyer, or even a digital marketing specialist, your skills may come in handy. Hiring a third party is sometimes necessary for smooth business operations, but can be expensive for businesses struggling to stay afloat. If you can offer your service for free or at a discounted rate, many local businesses may welcome your help.


    Contribute to Crowdfunding Campaigns or start your own

    Donate to Go-Fund Me’s and other crowdfunding campaigns that are collecting money to help a local business. If you notice a specific business in your community that is on the brink of closure and need help, you can even take it upon yourself to create the community fund or support group for them. One tip we recommend is sharing your campaign on social media and getting your friends and family to reshare so that it receives more attention and exposure. 

    Tip Generously 

    Show appreciation for the amazing individuals who are keeping our economy moving with a generous tip, and especially to our essential workers who are putting themselves at risk of exposure to coronavirus. If you can afford the $20 takeout, you can most likely afford a $2 tip!