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    The Evolution of Milano
    & What we Learned Along the Way

    April 10th 2020   |   5 Minute Read 

    We realized that we got too comfortable. We hate to admit it, but we did. Yes, we are the leaders in online booking systems and desktop solutions. However, with the boom of the internet and rise in demand for smart technology, our customers were shifting towards modernity…

    7 Ways You Can Help Small Businesses During Covid 19

    April 8th 2020   |   4 Minute Read 

    One of the best things you can do for a small business is support them on social media. For example, leaving a comment, liking a post, or even re-sharing their photos will make a big impact. By sharing their content with your followers, you are providing free brand exposure…

    December 5th 2020   |   4 Minute Read 

    Everyone is a sucker for a good before and after shot. Not to mention the fact that this showcases your salon skills and how transformative your service is. Highlighting the before and after will allow potential customers to envision that transformation for themselves…

    October 15th 2020   |   3 Minute Read 

    As much as potential customers rely very heavily on word of mouth from friends and family, the second most vital way to attract clients is by making your business more searchable-friendly online. People often pull up their phones and Google map the nearest store…

    September 10th 2020   |   3 Minute Read 

    An open rate is the number of clients on your list who ended up looking at your email. When your subject lines are compelling and intrigue interest, it will result in higher open rates – which should be your goal at the end of the day. A healthy open rate is typically in the 20% range…