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    Cloud software to help you manage your business from anywhere.

    A compliment for your enterprise management software

    For any business requiring central control of multiple sites

    Milano Enterprise

    Enterprise allows you to centrally manage all of your locations from a single command interface. It gives you visibility of all of your location’s activities such as appointment booking, customer relationship management, sales, and inventory management. Since your data is aggregated, it allows you to have a birds eye view of your entire business operations through comprehensive KPI reports. Without a Milano Enterprise, each location is treated as independent entities, blocking the visibility of your entire business performance.

    Unmatched Features

    Real Time Reporting

    Enterprise offers real-time reporting tools and a comprehensive KPI report, so you can compare and combine data for enterprise, regional and/or individual store analysis.

    Centralized Data Strategy

    Improve reliability by managing your data from a central location. Coordinate and synchronize data with individual stores, regions and your entire enterprise.

    Streamline Deployment Process

    Opening a new store or introducing a new line of products is streamlined with Head Office. Data entered at the head office level is broadcast or ‘pushed’ to stores throughout the enterprise.

    Bridge to Accounting Software

    Organize your accounting process by amalgamating streamlining the flow of accounting information from the stores into your accounting software.

    Global Inventory Management

    Optimize your inventory and provide uncompromised customer service levels partnered with optimal global inventory holdings. Accurately forecast customer demand and get the right stock at the right place at the right time.

    Gift Card Sharing

    Implement a gift card program across multiple stores without ever incurring transaction fees. Your users can issue, redeem and reload gift cards right at the POS with redundant, real-time broadcast of the gift card information to all other stores.

    Share Customers

    Store vital customer details across all your enterprises to ensure that you can provide superior service to your clients with fast access, convenience and ease.

    Share Loyalty Points

    Develop a loyalty point program that allows your clients to earn points based on what they buy, and give them the freedom to redeem those points at any other store for value.

    Smart Communication

    Enterprise communicates with stores using a replication engine that if disconnected will automatically resume the exchange of data once your connection is reestablished.

    Data Redundancy

    Receive incremental back-ups from all locations. Even in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure, Milano’s Enterprise software can deploy data backup, keeping the store’s system and its data safe and operational.

    Regionalized Control

    Retain enterprise control while sharing regional management responsibilities using the same corporate-wide system and integrated processes.

    Receive Milano Support

    The Milano team is focused on making your implementation as seamless as possible. Regardless of your project size, Milano Software will guide you through the process and make sure your transition to Enterprise is on track.

    We’re different from our competitors.

    Managing multiple stores has never been more convenient and safe!

    Reduced Risk

    Should internet connectivity be broken at any one of the locations, frontline operations can rely on the on-premise software. Then, once a connection is reestablished the software will resume replicating.

    Safety in Replication

    With replication happening every 60 seconds, Enterprise receives incremental back-ups (nearly in real-time) across all locations. In the event of a hardware failure, Milano’s Enterprise software can roll-over to a backup immediately.

    Data Availability

    An on-premise solution is not dependent on internet connectivity and therefore carries less chance that data will be inaccessible due to a loss of connectivity or compromised in any way due to factors outside your control.

    Update Deployment

    Our approach allows for the enterprise to plan and train staff before deploying an upgrade. Then once Enterprise is updated, through replication, the store upgrade is deployed without experiencing the traditional downtime.

    Better Control

    An on-premise solution offers you total control over your application. All your sensitive data is stored internally and prevents exposure to a third-party vendor.


    The on-premise approach is a time-tested solution with proven success. In this industry you tend to see far more features and functionality because the software has been built with the unique business needs in mind over several years.

    All the features of the Cloud, without any of the risks.

    Remote Accessibility

    As long as you have internet access, you can restore your data from any computer, any browser, anywhere in the world.

    Simple Implementation

    There are no CDs to install or servers to purchase. All you need is a login and password for the cloud application and you’re up and running. 

    Immediate Updates

    Upgrades and updates are performed automatically by the SaaS provider without any additional expenses for the customer.

    Lower Entry Cost

    SaaS is a no-frills model therefore it offers a much lower entry cost as compared to an on-premise solution.

    There's a lot more to see.

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