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    New features are constantly updated to our software so your business solution is being leveraged to its fullest potential.
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    Our Educational Consultants will meet with you and enable you to work in real time on your actual software.
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    Our Extended Support and Upgrades program is designed to help you get the answers you need, when you need them, maximizing your Milano investment. Moreover, some benefits include unlimited business builder webinar training, savings on promotions, and new releases and upgrades.



    What is Milano Software?

    Milano Software offers a managing software system for your business. From bookings, appointment scheduling, to staff productivity and customer relation management, Milano is guaranteed to handle the management side of your business.

    What kind of business is your software compatible with?

    Milano Software fits any kind of business. Specialized in spa, medispa and salon, Milano is also adaptable to a range of industries including but not limited to: fitness centers, small businesses, tattoo parlors, dentistry, clinics, pet groomers and much more.

    What is the difference between the Salon, Spa, and MediSpa versions?

    The key differences between the Salon and Spa are that Spa will book services by both service providers and resources/rooms. Spa allows Package Booking and has an additional document Form Link to capture greater client detail.

    Can the staff see their schedules on the go?

    Yes, staff can see as a view only and also have the ability to make, change, and edit appointments if you choose to subscribe to this service.

    Do you have express check in?

    Express check in is available and free for clients on support.

    Products & Features

    Do you have software for multi-locations that easily allows booking from one location to another?

    Yes, with the Head Office program and the Call Center module you can easily connect and mange your locations. Milano Head Office software delivers uniformity, efficiency, scalability and reliability to its users at all levels. 

    Do you offer credit card integration?

    Yes, we have partnered with select credit card merchants, please speak to your sales representative for more details.

    Can I remote the software from home?

    Yes, you have the ability to remote in from anywhere in the world through Microsoft remote

    Do you offer marketing, online bookings and texting?

    Yes, we offer all those features. You can add these additional modules to your core Salon, Spa or Medi Spa programs. The Automated and Targeted Email Marketing feature keeps you connected with your clients. The Automated Marketing automatically sends out Birthday Greetings, Thank You to First Time Clients, Referral Thank You and Appointment Reminders. The Targeted Marketing emails are great for emailing promotions to specific segments of your clientele. The Online Booking Module provides your clients the opportunity to book their services 24/7 through your website. The SMS Texting Appointment Reminders has become a very popular way to confirm appointments helping to reduce no shows and cancellations.

    Do you have a program for single or independent operators?

    Yes. The SalonLite version is ideal for those individuals looking for a system to manage their bookings, clientele and inventory. Plus it gives the option to email clients birthday greetings, referral thank you’s new client follow-ups and targeted emails.

    Can I use an iPad or smartphone at the location?

    Yes, we have mobile applications available.


    Does the software run on a MAC computer?

    Yes. Provided your MAC has either Parallels or Bootcamp and still requires the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Operating System.

    Can I add more computers or workstations as my business grows?

    Yes, you can easily add computers or workstations by purchasing Additional User Licenses. As your business grows adding extra computers helps keep the front desk free for clients. Making for a wow experience.

    Do I need the Internet to run your system?

    You do not need the Internet to use any of our desktop solutions. However, you will require a stable internet connection for our mobile solutions. 

    Do I have easy access to see my system when I'm not at the venue of the business?

    There are several methods to access your system when you are not at your business. Using a remote tool such as LogMeIn gives you full access to your program and the new Mobile App; Viewer and Booker give you access to see your appointments and/or to book appointments from your mobile device.

    How do I know if I’m on a recent version of the software? How do I upgrade?

    If you are on our Support and Upgrades service, please call technical support to check your version and they will book an upgrade appointment with you if necessary.

    How do I get new upgrades?

    If you are enrolled in Milano support, you are automatically eligible for the latest upgrade. To schedule an upgrade appointment, please contact our technical support team at 1 800 667 1596 Option 1. If you are not on support, please contact our sales team at 1 800 667-1596 for an upgrade quote or to sign up on a support contract.


    Do you offer on-going training for your staff?

    Yes, our Business Building Webinars teach how to get more out of your software investment. Utilizing more of the software can help improve your business practices and increase your sales/profitability. You can view a list of our training and book a webinar by clicking here.

    What are your hours of operation? Can I contact you on weekends?

    Your business is our top priority. We are always one quick phone call away, Monday to Friday between 8am to 10pm EST and Saturdays between 10am to 6pm EST.

    Where can I take training classes?

    We offer online webinars as well as other training options for you to learn more about your Milano software. When you are on our Support and Upgrades service you can take our Business Builder Webinars for free!


    Do you have re occurring billing?

    Yes, we offer re occurring billing.

    Can I try out your program?

    Yes, you can try out one of our programs with a 30 days trial link. We highly recommend going through an informative online demonstration before receiving the demo link. One of our Milano Representatives will assess your businesses software needs and provide the best Milano solution for you. You can request your free demo by clicking here.

    What happens when my 90 days of free technical support expires?

    We offer online webinars as well as other training options for you to learn more about your Milano software. When you are on our Support and Upgrades service you can take our Business Builder Webinars for free!


    Still have questions? Need help or assistance with your software?

    Still have questions?

    Get in touch with us! We’ll gladly answer all your questions once we receive your contact information. 

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