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    Social Media Checklist For
    Salon & Spa Owners

    December 5th 2020   |   4 Minute Read 

    The world of social media is emerging without any traces of stopping anytime soon. About 42% of the world’s population is on social media with a 90% daily consumption by its users – those statistics are way too high to ignore.

    Social media marketing should be an integral part of your overall marketing efforts. With such a high population, you’re bound to capture a percentage of the total social audience if you’re implementing the marketing strategies tactfully.

    Become a Valuable Resource

    Identify areas where there is a lack of knowledge available for your clients. For instance, if one of the common struggles you hear your customers are facing is that they don’t know what the best personal care practices after a salon visit, create informative content around that and share it on your social media platforms. Chances are if one customer encounters this issue then you’ll find several others that are.

    And the more you double down on this strategy by thinking of ways to become a resource to customers, you’ll attract much more clients because they’ll be drawn to you as a result of how helpful you are and adding value to make their lives a whole lot easier.

    Before and After Shots

    Everyone is a sucker for a good before and after shot. Not to mention the fact that this showcases your salon skills and how transformative your service is. Highlighting the before and after will allow potential customers to envision that transformation for themselves. At the end of the day, people pay top dollar for salons, spas and retail because they want to feel relaxed or way more confident about themselves.

    These before and after shots are a sure way to achieve that. For Instagram, be sure to include at least one before/after image within every 9 photos so that it’s visible at all times, even when a completely new follower lands on your account.

    📸: Instagram: @Lisadinhhairstudio

    Check Your Analytics

    Understanding social media analytics is to understand how impactful your social presence is, regularly following up on your analytics is crucial. It will give you indicators on what type of content performs well vs. the ones that don’t. It will also show you how you’re getting found, which content resonates the most with followers and tracks website/email inquiry submissions.

    All of the major social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have their own “Insights” page so you can see how your posts have been doing for the week, month, and year.

    When you’re on top of your analytics week in and week out, you’re steps closer in converting a follower into an actual paying customer because you’re clear on what’s performing vs. what isn’t.

    Hope you found some social media inspiration for your next campaign here. Stay tuned for more exciting marketing tips for your salon and spa business.