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    Why Ecommerce is a Necessity
    in the Covid-19 Era

    May 10th 2021  |  2 Minute Read 

    Consumer shopping habits will never be the same again. People now prefer online shopping, rather than going into a physical store. (And who can blame them?) The pandemic proved to us that shopping can be done from anywhere in the world and practically anything can be bought online; groceries, furniture, clothes, etc. Experts say that these consumer changes are here to stay, even after the Covid pandemic is long gone. In order to ensure your business stays afloat, business owners will need an Ecommerce presence to compete in the new digital world. Drive your business online, or get driven out of business.

    Customers Convenience

    As a result of Covid-19, customers are less likely to shop in-store for non-essential items. To tackle this new state of mind, you’ll need an online store for your customers to access your business. Selling your products online, will enable you to reach customers from the comforts of their own home; helping them save time, convenience, as well as maintain social distance practises. Why make your customers wait outside your store, when they can instantly access your products and services with ecommerce in seconds. 

    Increase Market Share

    Brick and Mortar can be limiting to your customer reach. If your store only has one location, this may be hard for customers to shop in your physical store, especially during a lockdown. The beauty of E-commerce is that your customers can shop your products from wherever, as long as they have access to a browser. You no longer have to limit your customer base to those within miles of you because an online store allows you to target customers from anywhere in the world. Yep, even potential customers in Europe or Asia! Moreover, by optimizing your website and implementing paid ads, you’ll be able to drive your brand awareness even higher.

    Prevent Lockdown from locking you out of your business

    Having an online store can be a great supplement to your brick and mortar business. In the case of stay at home orders and non-essential business closures in the future, you can rely on your online business to help make revenue. Did you know that Toronto was in 100 consecutive days of lockdown — Longest in North America. Many businesses were prohibited from operating and suffered financially. With Ecommerce, you’ll be able to have your business opened virtually 24/7– whether your city is in or out of a lockdown. 

    COVID-19 has shifted the economy towards Ecommerce, if this was not apparent enough. Businesses need to adapt to the new normal if they want to stay competitive. Ready to start your Ecommerce journey? Explore how Milano can drive your business online, to prevent you from getting driven out of business right over here.